For a while now I’ve been looking to optimize my training regime. Quite simply because I’ve been dancing a while now, but I’m still not quite (ok, nowhere near) at the level I want to be at. Just a week or two back I talked to this guy who I’ve looked up to for a while. He said that when he was at his peak he was doing 2 hours training a day; every day.


To put things into perspective I do like 20 minutes a day! *embarrassed* That night I did some research and found that even top level professionals do about the same amount. Makes sense to stick to it, I guess!

So, here is my new regime:

15mins -> legs
15mins -> core
15mins -> arms
15mins -> neck

For each section I split it into 3 sets of 5 minutes. And for each of these sets I try different angles and rhythms.

15mins -> everything

For this all I’m doing is trying to hit all 4 sections at the same time. Again, I play with different angles and rhythms, but my main goal is to look to synchronise my hits and to get everything on the same wavelength – i.e. I find that I place too much emphasis on my arms and legs when I’m hitting. When I try hitting harder the balance between the 4 gets even worse and my chest and neck get thrown off rhythm.


I actually haven’t went this far yet when I tried this training regime. After getting up to syncing I was exhausted and gleaming with sweat. Not to mention setting out 2 hours of my day for training is clearly quite time consuming. However, the theory is that I spend that 45 mins taking a concept (like waving, botting, etc) and find ways to build, improve, make new combos etc. I’m not too sure about how I ought to divide the time for this yet, because I think a good training session should include a freestyle at the end. I’m not sure if this should take some time up at the end, or in addition. We’ll see!

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