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– Favourites from KOD so far –

Seen’s too dope. Forrealz! He looks like he’s not even trying and he’s got a nice groove. Catch 1:03 – 1:09. Sick stuff!

As for Hozin, he’s been getting himself out there recently. And really he’s on fire; catching all those little beats and hitting some creative angles. Dope, dope, dope.

– Dino vs Nelson –

*Spoilers – highlight to read*Personally I felt that Dino was more entertaining and should have won! But I guess you have to be there at that moment to really see for yourself. There’s a video that has been uploaded showing Popin Pete complaining about the lack of fire and raw battling going on. Maybe that’s why…

I’ve yet to watch the rest of the videos, but i’ll be sure to post them here and give some thoughts later on (like when I’ve finished exams :D).

On another note, here’s a clip of an audition I had today. Not really satisfied with it – it all happened short notice, and I was dancing on a MASSIVELY full stomach (but this all probably sounds like excuses, right? haha ¬_¬) – but hey, it’s ultra recent. I’m the one in the checked shirt. =)

– Keep on Dancing 7 –

Keep On Dancing (KOD) is a dance competition held in China, and is one of the biggest inside Asia. It is organised by the place I trained at last summer – 舞佳舞/Wujiawu/5+5. One of my teachers is taking part. I’ve yet to hear from him to see how far he went, but I’m sure he did well. There are a few videos up on Youtube from the preliminary rounds. This is one of Popping J.

His legs and arms are long and really help to emphasise his boogaloo movements. I really like his style. Can’t wait to see more footage of him, Kite, Dino and my teacher – 飛龍. I also can’t wait to see the showcases by the judges. One of the popping judges this year is Seen from Japan. I had the pleasure of seeing him dance when I was in Beijing and  he was SICK –  and he was only grooving/messing around!!

KOD is one of my favourite competitions; not only because a lot of my favourite poppers are gathering into one spot to battle, but also because it marks the rise of hiphop culture in China. Just last year China took first place for the Locking division in Juste Debout. I can’t wait to see what the hiphop scene’s going to be like in 5-10 years time. I reckon China will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. 😀


Been listening to this song lately. It’s got this nice feel to it, and it’s hella funky. 😀 I’m going to be adding more songs as I go along. You can find the download link to this song below. Enjoy!

– zOMG “new” revolutionary training ideas!! –

So, you can tell from my last post I’ve been looking into ways on how to improve the physical aspect of my dancing. Recently I’ve been researching isometric exercise. It’s really nothing new – but for those not in the know it’s a set of exercises that do not change joint angle and muscle length. Basically isometrics are done statically, instead of dynamically or through a range of motion.

Bruce was famous for pioneering different training disciplines and also a well-known practitioner of isometrics.

What’s interesting is that it has been round for millennia – you can see it in yoga and kung fu exercises, and in the early 20th century a book was written by a Dr A.K. Anokhin describing a set of exercises that instructed one to deliberately tense the muscles in the body as if overcoming resistance; to increase strength and “the ability to tense and relax separate muscle groups.” Perfect for training hits!

To be honest, though, the principle is quite similar to what I’m doing at the moment with my training regime. However, I’m going to look into it some more and see if I can maximise my training and get the best out of the two systems. How exciting! 😀 Here’s one of the websites I’ve been reading this from:

Also I’m going to be finishing all my exams soon, which means I’ll have more time for training and hopefully I’ll be doing some more recording! I’ll be sure to upload some onto here for reference, and for anyone reading =)


For a while now I’ve been looking to optimize my training regime. Quite simply because I’ve been dancing a while now, but I’m still not quite (ok, nowhere near) at the level I want to be at. Just a week or two back I talked to this guy who I’ve looked up to for a while. He said that when he was at his peak he was doing 2 hours training a day; every day.


To put things into perspective I do like 20 minutes a day! *embarrassed* That night I did some research and found that even top level professionals do about the same amount. Makes sense to stick to it, I guess!

So, here is my new regime:

15mins -> legs
15mins -> core
15mins -> arms
15mins -> neck

For each section I split it into 3 sets of 5 minutes. And for each of these sets I try different angles and rhythms.

15mins -> everything

For this all I’m doing is trying to hit all 4 sections at the same time. Again, I play with different angles and rhythms, but my main goal is to look to synchronise my hits and to get everything on the same wavelength – i.e. I find that I place too much emphasis on my arms and legs when I’m hitting. When I try hitting harder the balance between the 4 gets even worse and my chest and neck get thrown off rhythm.


I actually haven’t went this far yet when I tried this training regime. After getting up to syncing I was exhausted and gleaming with sweat. Not to mention setting out 2 hours of my day for training is clearly quite time consuming. However, the theory is that I spend that 45 mins taking a concept (like waving, botting, etc) and find ways to build, improve, make new combos etc. I’m not too sure about how I ought to divide the time for this yet, because I think a good training session should include a freestyle at the end. I’m not sure if this should take some time up at the end, or in addition. We’ll see!

– Beast –

AKA Kin is on fire lately. Riding that beat like a mofo! I’ve always liked his style and use of shoulders. Too sick.